Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm back!

All the kids are well, the weather is turning cool, my shop is stocked to the brim, I am so ready for the holiday rush! :) Even though I didn't get to go to the craft show, I did have a bunch of sales this weekend. And it was a good thing I stayed home, because my youngest was miserable all day. While I'm sure my husband could have handled it, I'm sure he was glad I was there to help. :)

In non craft/kid related news, I have recently come into possession of a boat load of vintage pieces that I'm going to be posting on Etsy! :) There's some pottery, matchbooks, glassware, pin backs, jewelry, more cameras, even some vintage coats and bathing suits! It should keep me busy for the next couple of weeks. ;)

I'm also back to making my treasury series: Across Etsy. The idea behind the series is I take the name of a category and use it as a search term. Then I go through all the other categories and find cool pieces using that search term. Today's theme is music! Enjoy! :)

Mix Tape Pouch - Brown by BraveMoonman

The Double Note Stained Glass by glassgallerygirls

Vintage Sheet Music Rose by TheCrimsonPoppy

Sterling Silver Music Note Ring by CatherineMarissa

10 Recycled Record Player Cards by TwoPoodlePress

Piano Music Lovers Soap Favor by twoeggplants

And here is the big treasury that matches it! Hope you all have a beautiful day! :)

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