Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well so much for the nice cool weather...

This weekend it was in the 40's at night. Today it is 80. Stupid weather. Anyway I managed to pick up a lovely head cold somewhere this weekend. I thought it was due to me being off my allergy meds for a few days, but I've been back on them since Monday, and I'm still all stuffed up. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

Being that I felt yucky, this morning was not productive at all. I did manage to answer all my mail and get the kids down for their naps without a lot of hassle, but no crafting got done. This afternoon I'm heading to my mom's house to hang out till dinner, at which point Pat and I are leaving the kids with my parents and going out to eat with his. His mom and dad both have September birthdays (and they were actually born the same year!), so we are taking them out to dinner for their birthdays. :) I think his mom wants to go to Red Lobster, but since Pat is in charge, I know nothing.

I should probably get a little bag of stuff together to take to my mom's to work on. Well, I just looked in on the kids and they are right out, so I guess I will get a bag together. I got my new felt in, maybe I'll bring that with me.


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