Monday, September 7, 2009

Phew! That was a LONG weekend!

To start off, the craft show on Saturday was a big success! :) Rather then fill up my blog with pics, I'll just link you to my Flickr photo album. (That's my cousin Amber hiding under the tent!) :)

I also posted a few more things to my destash shop this afternoon.

Spring To December: Autumn2May's Destash Shop

Tomorrow, I'm going to see about posting my mother-in-law's hat's in her new shop:

The Crocheted Cat

And post some stuff for Tony, cause he is back at school now:

Digital Mushroom

I also need to finish my Beehive and post my Dice pincushions, and post the ghost ornaments that didn't sell at the craft show. Oh I'm also going to open a shop for my mom. She's going to make sock mice (there is one in the pic below) and other crafty things for Christmas.

That's it for the moment. Later! :)

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