Friday, February 18, 2011

Month of the Amethyst

I keep thinking February is over, and I'm not sure why. But I'm glad it's not, because I almost forgot to do its birthstone post! :) February's birthstone is amethyst, which I can never spell correctly, but happens to be one of my favorite stones. :) I love its deep purple color and how amethyst crystals can be so many different shades of purple at once. :) Amethyst is actually a form of purple quartz. In ancient times they used to make drinking glasses out of it because they thought amethyst prevented drunkenness! If only it were that simple. ;)

Being that purple is one of my favorite colors and amethyst is one of my favorite stones, this was a hard treasury to make! There are just far too many beautiful amethyst pieces on Etsy! I hope you like the ones I finally picked. :) Happy birthday to all my friends and family born in February! Enjoy! :)

Kaleidoscope of Paper Butterflies by paperNplastic

Amethyst Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings by GlitzGlitter

Amethyst Heart Felt Ornaments by SewnNatural

Purple Balcony 8x10 Fine Art Photo by rebeccaplotnick

Delphinium - Print of Watercolor by amberalexander

Amethyst Crystal Soap by amethystsoap

And here are even more beautiful pieces in the full sized treasury! :)

Have a great Friday and a beautiful weekend!

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