Sunday, May 30, 2010


No this post isn't about waffles, that's just what I had for breakfast this morning. :) I probably will do a waffle post in the future, as I am a fan, but today's post is related to waffle toppings rather then the waffles themselves. A good part of my early childhood was spent growing up in Vermont, land of maple syrup! I LOVE maple syrup! :) But I especially enjoy the things you can make out of maple syrup. Things like maple sugar candy, maple cream spread, and sugar snow! :) I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it! So in honor of that amber colored, sticky sweet breakfast topping, here is a maple syrup themed mini treasury! Enjoy!

4oz Real Maple Specialty Sugar by LoveAbounds

Lampwork Maple Syrup Necklace by sarahfisher

Maple Syrup Watercolor Print by workingwoman

Sugar Maple Wood Bowl by timberturner

Maple Sugar Handmade Soap by messesandmudpies

Maple Syrup - Luna Lace Yarn by sqwish

Have a sweet day! :)


  1. What a nice collection of items,they all look great!

    Follow & Comment on my blog back?

  2. ooo. i love that syrup print. :D

  3. thanks sooo much for including my sugar i blogged about it here

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you liked the feature!

    ana - That print is the exact color I like my maple syrup to be!

    Natesgirl - Thanks for reblogging this! :)

    Jennie :)



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