Friday, May 28, 2010

:: Foggy ::

My allergies this year are making me a bit, well, foggy. That got me thinking back to living in Vermont. We would drive to my aunt's house some mornings, and especially in the spring and fall, the clouds would still be stuck in the mountains. It created really cool patches of fog and gave everything a soft misty feel. :) Even though it's nice to live in New Jersey where I'm close to everything, I do miss those mornings. Here's a misty morning inspired mini treasury. Enjoy! :)

Serenity II - 8x10 Fine Art Photograph by slphoto

Fog - Handspun Alpaca Yarn by starslikejoe

Fog Felted Treasure Bowl by shanineal

Little Fog Porcelain Sugar Jar by AmyEsther

Cocoon Wrap Cardigan in Fog Grey Print by jennythreads

Castle in Fog Greeting Card by NatureMandalas

I hope you have a beautiful day and a misty morning! :)

P.S. Oops! Almost forgot! I did a Treasury East treasury to go along with this one! Check it out here!


  1. Gorgeous collection! I love the serenity photograph. Misty mornings are so beautiful!

  2. what a great post! i love that yarn ::drools::
    you have a stunning blog as well :)

  3. Oh my, what a beautiful collection!

  4. Wonderful collection and I tapped the treasury.

  5. Thanks everybody, I'm glad you all liked it!

    Amanda - Isn't it beautiful? I love the way the trees seem almost transparent! Foggy mornings always seem so peaceful. :)

    KClark Photography - Thanks! I appericate it! :)

    Jennie :)

  6. ana - I know isn't it gorgeous? My cousin Amber has got me addicted to yarn, and I don't even know how to knit yet! :)

  7. Thanks for picking my sugar jar in the collection! Everything looks gorgeous!

  8. Amy Esther - You're welcome! I'm glad you liked the feature! :)



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