Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Is Here!

When I started making this treasury it was 60 degrees out. Today, it's 30. Sigh. Well, regardless of the temperature outside it is in fact spring. The birds are returning, the flowers are coming up, and there are new buds on all the trees. :) It's pretty to look at, even if you still have to wear a winter jacket when you go outside. Are there signs of spring where you live? If not then check out this mini treasury to get your daily dose of a newly blossoming spring. :)

A Little Dream - Fine Art Photographic Print by ajawin

Porcelain Pendant with Impression of Branch by peifferStudios

Amethyst Purple Brass Bud Earrings by TheBrassHussy

Sugar Plum Coral Bells 8x10 Print by heatherkingdesigns

Green Buds Photographic Print 8x10 by eireanneilis

Sweet Spring Herbal Tea by twigandleafbotanical

For even more budding spring items, check out the big treasury as well! :)

Have a great day! :)

* Edit *
I had to change this around a bit because some of the pieces I picked expired by the time I went to post the big treasury. When I went to add some new items I accidentally deleted my mini treasury and had to start from scratch. If I said your piece was featured and you don't see it here, that is why. Sorry for the confusion.

Jennie :)


  1. Nice, that herbal tea looks awesome, I love Twig and Leaf Botanicals!

  2. Spring is well behind us here in San Antonio. It tends to be brief and moves rapidly to summer.

  3. VeganCraftastic - I bet it smells divine as well! :)

    KClark Photography - It looks like it's going to be a short spring here as well. It was almost 80 out yesterday!



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