Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Month of the Topaz

Good morning everyone! I've been busy as a bee getting ready for a craft show I'm going to next Saturday. But I wanted to do this treasury before it got too late in the month. Last month I totally forgot to post the birthstone treasury until, well, this month! So even though this is a treasury of the November birthstone of Topaz, I'm also going to take this opportunity to say happy birthday to everyone born in October as well!

Pure topaz is actually colorless, it is the other chemicals found with it that give it its many colors. The kind know as orange (or yellow) topaz, which is the color we most think of when we hear the word topaz is the birthstone for November. It is a symbol of friendship, and its name comes from the Sanskrit word and meaning fire. So to all my friends and family who's birthdays are in November (and October) hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy! :)

Vintage Topaz Heart Rhinestone Brass Locket Necklace by brideblu

Sunflower Silk Scarf Hand Painted by Palettepassion

Landscape with Barn 30x40 Fine Art Photograph by eyeful

Chocolate Amber Cold Process Soap Bar by LippincottSoapCo

Hand Blown Glass Ornament in Topaz by luminita

Vintage 1970's Gold Crushed Velvet Coat by bytheway

And make sure you check out the big treasury for even more beautiful topaz pieces!

Have a great day! :)


  1. lovely topaz collection! thanks again for featuring my hand painted silk scarf!

  2. Love topaz the stone and topaz the color, very warm! Great collection!

  3. Your finds are gorgeous! Thank you for featuring my coat :)

  4. Love your finds! That soap looks fabulous!!



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