Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, kind of. We've officially moved in, but I haven't finished unpacking yet. :) I would however like to apologize to everyone on the east coast for the worst blizzard in history! :) Yes, I admit it, it's all my fault. My moving date was set for last Saturday. Of course that didn't pan out, so we ended up moving the day before. It was rushed, we didn't have as many people to help, and we had to settle for a smaller truck, but we did it!

Confused as to why I think me moving is the reason it snowed? Let me explain. I was born in Connecticut in 1978. In 1981, we moved to Vermont. We stayed there for a few years, then we left for warmer weather. The snow did not approve! Every year I've moved, there has been a blizzard the next winter (or the day we moved).

In 1983 we moved to Connecticut. That was the year of the February Blizzard that paralyzed most of the east coast from Virginia to Boston. Then in 1987 we moved to New Jersey during a blizzard. I remember this one, cause we used the empty boxes to sled down the hill in our front yard! :) In 1989 we moved from Manasquan to West Windsor and we had the first white Thanksgiving in 51 years! It was kinda cool to see snow during the Thanksgiving Day parade, but I'm sure the people in the parade probably would have been happier without it.

In 1991 we moved to Hamilton Square. And if you lived during that time you might remember that fall, we had The Perfect Storm. You know, the one they made a movie of. :) Yeah...Sorry about that one too.

At this point I had moved 12 times (many times inside states), and each winter we moved had been a doozie! But, this time I thought we had foiled the weather's evil plot against us, because this time instead of renting, my parents had bought our house! No more moving for us! No more moving induced snowstorms! But I was wrong. I had forgotten to consider the fact, that I would be switching schools!

In 1992 I graduated 8th grade. That winter there was a huge snow storm/ice storm. I guess the weather figured since I wasn't going to move from house to house, it would follow me from school to school. So in 1996 as I approached graduation day, I figured we'd be in for one more big snow. And I was right! The blizzard of 1996 dropped snow from Virginia to Connecticut. We missed school for almost a straight week!

In 2002 I graduated from college and that fall I moved to Cookstown. The Blizzard of 2003 dumped over 2 feet of snow with drifts up to 4 feet high! Luckily my father and brothers were nice enough to help me dig out. :) The next year I married my lovely husband in May and we stayed in Cookstown until this year.

Now I knew I was tempting fate by moving in January to the first home I've ever actually owned myself. But my husband thought I was being silly when I warned this would be the worst winter in years because we were moving. I, however, knew the truth, and I was right; twice! The blizzards of 2010 broke records for snow and paralyzed all the major cities it touched!

So, once again, I apologize to all my readers, friends, and family who happen to live almost anywhere on the east coast. Next time I move I promise I will give you all a couple weeks notice, so you have time to run to the store and stock up on plenty of milk, bread, and eggs. :)

Happy shoveling everyone! :)

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  1. I'll post some pics of my new snow covered house, when I find the connector cable for my camera. :)



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