Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay, I'm adding one to the list.

Yesterday I decided that since I had some free time, I would start getting today's post together ahead of time. Good idea right? Well apparently not so much... You see one of the cool things about Wikipedia, is also one of things that can make it a pain to use: it is always changing! People update it constantly, honing its facts, adding information (and even whole articles), and then moving them, or taking them down depending on their accuracy and relevance. Well, yesterday when I looked at the New Year's resolutions article, one of the bullets points was "Keeping an updated journal." I thought that was appropriate as I think it would also apply to blogs, so I chose that point to use as today's resolution. I then went ahead and picked out the pieces I was going to use, so today I would only have to type up the beginning part. Yay for being on top of things! However, upon returning to wiki to add the link to today's post, I have discovered that the bullet point I was using is gone! I guess the powers that be (or the really bored person who was up last night) decided this particular point was not referenced right or something and removed it from the list. :(

However, I stand by my decision and will continue on with today's theme, mainly cause it's done already, but also because as a blogger, I think it is an excellent idea for a New Year's resolution! :D So if you are like me and have trouble updating your blog or journal regularly, then you should check out these lovely blank notebook journals from Etsy. Maybe their uniqueness and simple beauty will inspire you to write more! :)

Wood Book with Historical Binding by MaryJaneHenley

The Letter B - Alphabet Journal by krispix

Book with a Build Your Own Cover by moonlightbindery

Far Far Away Blank Notebook by ardden

The Jellyfish 1885 Victorian Etching Journal by TheBlackSpotBooks

Hand Dyed Quilted Fabric Journal Cover by rubymountaindyeworks

Have a successful day! :)


  1. great post! keeping a journal is one of my new year's resolutions, too. thanks for featuring my b journal :)

    -kristin (krispix design)

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked the feature! Happy New Year!

    Jennie :)



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