Thursday, July 30, 2009


Oh my gosh my brains are gone! But I finished! I have to tell you, even though I feel dumb admitting I can't cook clay tonight, These pieces almost didn't make it!

I made up 4 magnets including the "word" magnet I was talking about. I put them all on the tray, then I preheated the oven. This is where the problems begin... One of the babies started fussing, so I got up set the timer and went and checked on him, but forgot to put them in the oven! So I came back and waited the 15 minutes for the timer to go off. BEEP! Go to the oven, turn it off, open it, and there they are...gone! So I take them off the table, put them in the oven, reset the timer and wait another 15 minutes. BEEP! Go to the oven, open it, take them out and notice that they are not cooked...cause THE OVEN IS OFF! ARG! So I turn on the oven, put them in, and then stop and try to figure out how long I should cook them now, cause the oven was hot, just not on. I put them in for half the time. BEEP! Nope not done, 5 more minutes. BEEP! I don't care if they are done or not they are coming out! Luckily this time they were done. ~sigh~ You'd think I hadn't done this like 20 times in the last 2 months! :)

So I finally got them posted. Please check them out they took me an hour to cook! :)

Goodnight everyone! :)

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