Okay I admit it. I am an internet junkie. But in this case, that is a good thing! Here are a bunch of cool sites that you should definitely check out!

~ Art ~
Etsy - For beautiful handmade crafts, craft supplies, and vintage goodies
Vladimir Kush - Surreal painter and sculptor
Peter Callesen - Amazing 3D cut paper
Bovey Lee - Amazing 2D cut paper
Jen Stark - Brilliantly colorful artwork
The Brothers Hildebrandt - Fantasy artists extraordinaire
Minimiam - Tiny and delicious art

~ Books & Writing ~
NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month website
Team NaNoWriMo - My Etsy team for Etsians who are also NaNos
Fantasy Faction - Fantasy book news, reviews, and community
Fantasy Faction Forums - Tons of fun! Come and join us! :)
GoodReads - Your own personal internet bookshelf!
#amwriting - The website for the Twitter #tag

~ Fun & Games ~
Get a Chinese Name - Cool tool that translates English names into Chinese names
Mini-Mizer - Make yourself into a Lego person
Satellites - Play with satellites' orbits around the world
Snap Bubbles - Pop virtual bubble wrap
Grow 3 - See if you can make the ball grow
PopCap - Awesomely addicting games (remember I warned you)
Big Fish Games - Play any game free for an hour (the I-Spy games are the best!)

~ Food & Recipes ~
Alton - Home of the best chef on Food Network! - Great recipes for all kinds of dishes - Great family friendly recipes for holidays and everyday
The World's Healthiest Foods - Over 100 healthy and delicious recipes using the world's healthiest foods! - amazing ideas for cakes, cookies, and candies - Find out the nutritional information for any food you can think of


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